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Acquisition & Development

FFG is a long term investor in the residential property sector and is dedicated to acquiring, developing and managing modern, well designed homes throughout the UK. We have a specialist team responsible for growing the Group’s portfolio through acquiring land, new property developments, sale and leaseback transactions with owners/occupiers and investment purchases.


We’re more than just a developer, we’re a construction partner. We partner with other developers, individuals and corporations to bring together a design and construction team. Through our contractor model, teams coalesce and unify around a shared objective; successful project delivery.

We are developers and trusted construction partners

Our construction partner model blends our multi-disciplinary expertise with our contracting capabilities, drawing on a broad range of programme management during pre-construction and construction management skills during delivery. Providing this end-to-end service with a client provides consistency, value for money, transparency and a single point of responsibility. This single point of contact to the client enables a more collaborative approach, achieving the right results.

Building Whilst

Keeping our community in mind

Unlocking value from complex urban settings

Fostering a positive working environment

Maintaining sustainable practises

Low carbon communities

Delivering well designed homes and neighbourhoods

Partnership driven processes